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Studio Booking

Studio Equipment


C-Stand 330 cm


image cstand arm.jpeg

C-Stand 330 cm with boom arm



Combo & Boom Stand 300 cm



Walimex pro 5in1 Reflector Panel, 1x2m



Godox QR-P120 Quick Release Parabolic Softbox



Godox UB-165W white parabolic umbrella and difuser



GODOX 30x120cm Softbox with Difuser and Grid



Godox 60x60 cm Softbox with Difuser



Godox UB-002 black silver Umbrella 84cm



65cm Lantern Bowens Mount Softbox



100W Continues LED Light



Godox XProIIC transmitter



400W Fog Machine



Tether Tools Pro USB 2.0 to Mini-B 5-Pin cable 4.6m


What does YOCK Studio offer?

YOCK Studio offers a versatile space for all your photography and videography needs. Our studio is equipped with professional lighting gear to capture stunning images. Our Cyclorama is 40m2 and 4.5m in height. The total studio space is 115m2.

What we offer:

  • Inclusive lighting equipment and accessories with every booking

  • A dedicated area for makeup and changing with a mirror is situated in the studio. This space is reserved exclusively for your use during your booked session, and there is no additional fee for its usage.

  • Free and convenient parking is available 

  • Always clean and well-maintained studio space

  • Access to a cargo lift for easy transportation of equipment

  • Friendly and helpful staff available always onsite

  • Flexibility to adjust late reservations when possible

  • Suitable for photographing bigger groups and items

  • There are hooks on the ceiling that can carry 200kg.

  • Paper backgrounds are available (check for the available colors!)

  • Note: Clear sound recording is not guaranteed

Main Studio Rules

  • Cyclorama frame plaster structure is off-limits for stepping. The price for a damaged Cyclorama curve is 200€.

  • Outdoor shoes are not permitted inside the studio rooms. There are slippers available but feel free to bring your clean shoes or slippers.

  • Please be cautious when wearing stiletto heels on the studio floor.

  • Strictly no drinks and intoxicated people not allowed in the studio space

  • The price for a damaged paper background is 10€ per meter.

  • The painting fee for Dirty Cyclorama is 50€.

General Studio Rules


  1. Our studio is open daily from 9:00 to 22:00, excluding Estonian national holidays. Nighttime bookings are available upon prior arrangement. Please email your request to

  2. The minimum booking duration is one hour.

  3. Your session starts and ends as per your booked time. Late arrivals do not extend the session, and extensions are subject to availability.

  4. Changes to booked times must be made at least 2 hours in advance.


  1. Prices are per hour and include all the equipment shown on the website. Discounts apply for bookings of two or more consecutive hours.

  2. No refunds for sessions ending earlier than booked.

Rules of Behavior:

  1. No smoking, alcohol, or drugs allowed. Disruptive behavior or vandalism is prohibited.

  2. Live fire, including candles, is strictly forbidden.

  3. Outdoor shoes are not allowed; please wear clean shoes or use the provided slippers.

  4. Newly purchased clothing should be washed to prevent staining studio furniture.

  5. Up to two well-behaved animals allowed with prior approval. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after pets.

  6. No food or soft drinks allowed; fresh water is provided.

  7. Additional materials require prior approval and include cleaning time in the booking.

  8. Parents are responsible for children's safety during sessions.

  9. Furniture may be moved with caution; clients are responsible for any damage.

  10. Clients are responsible for damaged items, cleaning fees, and visitors.

  11. Personal belongings must be taken after sessions; unattended items will be disposed of after 2 months.

  12. Clients agree to studio rules upon booking.

If you’d like more information about our studio, get in touch today.

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